May 01, 2012

Joshua Levine: Monumental

We can't wait to see you on Saturday, May 12, 2012 from 4-7pm for Josh's show.

The Studio for Southern California History – Chinatown 
818 N. Hill Street (at the Best Western Plaza), Los Angeles, CA 90012

J. Levine, detail
For this exhibition Levine creates a series of 12 sculptures that continue his investigation of genetic animal hybrids. These sculptures are presented on bases modeled after an iconic U.S. National Monument.  Monuments are typically used to mark or commemorate moments of historical importance or to celebrate cultural figures. Meant for public viewing, they are the truest form of “art for the masses”. Levine's trophies also magnify the exciting, dangerous and unknown path of cloning, genetics and synthetic biology and our continued quest for perfection, control and domination.

Keep in mind, the Studio is Metro accessible.  All train lines to Union Station, walk or simply take the Goldline one stop to Chinatown.  Walk two blocks west on College to Hill, make a left and go to the Best Western Plaza!

We will have buttons for sale and there will be FREE pinball courtesy of the Studio:

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