October 24, 2012

John Souza...Angel Youth...Thank You.

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out for John Souza's show.  We loved seeing you all under the Angel Youth sign and even though those rare L.A. clouds hovered and rain seemed imminent, we each were captivated and amused by John's thought-provoking installation.  As it got dark we were able to use our fancy flashlights in the gallery, which added to the sculpture's ominous feel.  At 7:00pm John destroyed his piece as we all watched in shock and awe.  ShoeboxLA artist Michael Blasi took a video of this moment, which we'll upload at a future date.  Thanks, John for a great time!

SAVE THE DATE!  Sat., Nov. 17, Carmine Iannaccone: IAmTheGravitySurfer, location TBA.

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