November 20, 2012

Thank you, Carmine!

We had record turnout for Carmine Iannaccone's IAmTheGravitySurfer at Alias Books in Atwater Village on Saturday, Nov. 17.  Despite the rain and a power outage which lasted 40 minutes, you all kept coming and Carmine kept us all captivated by his words and beautifully elegant installation.  We met so many new people and can't thank you all enough for coming out. 

If you didn't make it, please go to Alias Books often and repeatedly.  It's simply a great bookstore run by some special people.  Thank you, Patrick.  We love being in your store.

Here are some shots from the opening.  If you'd like one of Carmine's zines, let us know via email and we'll see that you get one.

*SAVE THE DATE - Saturday, December 15: JOHN MCGUIRE OLSEN (location TBA)

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