October 16, 2013

June 20, 2013

Season 2 Finale and Thanks

So, we finished our second year.  Wow.  We seriously could not have asked for a better ending.  Susan Sironi brought us her hypnotizing vision of history, all cut up, manipulated, pasted, painted, piled and ultimately beautiful.  It's truly a wonderful work and we were delighted you all saw it.  The day was perfectly breezy and the traffic island was buzzing.

We love that you all came out and we are so grateful to all our fans and supporters.  It's a been another rewarding year in the company of truly great artists.  We've said it many times, we simply could not have done this without you:

Jay Erker
John Souza
Carmine Iannacone
John McGuire Olsen
Michelle Carla Handel
Julio Panisello
Margaret Adachi
Cathy Weiss

Susan Sironi

Huge thank you to the spaces, businesses and organizations who allowed us to take over for the three hours, to the writers who wrote about us and to those great people who pass by and tell us what they think of the project.

We have lots planned for next season.  Can't wait to see you all again and in the meantime, check us out on Facebook for updates and summer treats.

Much love, Sophia & Paul 

June 04, 2013

Saturday, June 15, 2013 from 4-7pm

ShoeboxLA Presents
Susan Sironi: Rote History

Saturday, June 15, 2013 from 4-7pm

Los Feliz Triangle Park
Hollywood Blvd. & Prospect Ave. at Vermont Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90027

ShoeboxLA is pleased to present Susan Sironi: Rote History.  For Rote History, Sironi examines ways in which history is stored, how it can be manipulated and, ultimately, rendered useless.  By cutting copies of a popular history magazine into small, unidentifiable pieces, she makes the periodical unreadable.  The work, in a distorted state, is physically in front of you but its original purpose is now obliterated while a new completely visual work is reborn. Susan Sironi received her BFA from California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, CA.  She lives and works in Pasadena, CA.

We are very pleased to be back where we started our exciting second year at the Los Feliz Triangle Park!  Join us amidst LA traffic in wonderful Los Feliz as we celebrate Susan Sironi and a great year of work by amazing artists. 

Email: shoeboxla@gmail.com for more info or press images.  

(Los Feliz Triangle Park is Metro Redline accessible at the Sunset & Vermont stop, walk one block north to the triangle – Bus: 180/181 to Prospect/Vermont.  Plenty of street and metered parking – the Triangle is just west of the car wash/Machos Tacos and just south of the bank parking lot)

May 22, 2013

Thank You and Save the Date...

So great to see everyone on Saturday.  Thanks so much for coming out and hanging with us in the dark.

Can't believe June will be the final show in our exciting second season.  Join us of for Susan Sironi on Saturday, June 15 (time and location TBA).  Until then, go look at some art!

May 05, 2013

Cathy Weiss: I, Remember...

ShoeboxLA Presents
Cathy Weiss: I, Remember…

Saturday, May 18, 2013 from 7-10pm

Corner of Los Feliz Blvd. & Commonwealth Ave.
Los Feliz - Los Angeles, CA 90027

ShoeboxLA is pleased to present Cathy Weiss: I, Remember...Weiss presents a multi-media installation that touches on memory and words, light and shadow, spirituality and physicality and the rememberence of her father.  

Cathy Weiss earned her BFA from the University of California, Santa Cruz and completed the Graduate Program in Printmaking, Pratt Institute, New York (Printmaking Fellowship.)

Email: shoeboxla@gmail.com for more info or press images.  

April 24, 2013

Atwater Afternoon!

Thank you to everyone who came out for Margaret Adachi's Dog Day Afternoon.  We sure had a blast seeing you all.  It was a great turnout.  Margaret's strange and wonderful sculpture had everyone enthralled and Individual Medley is now one of our favorite stores for great smelling stuff and good vibes.  Check them out if you couldn't make it.  They're swell people.

Two more shows left for our amazing second year!

Save the Date: Saturday, May 18 - Cathy Weiss (location to TBA)